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Field Day 2021

The 2021 American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Field Day is June 26-June 27.

Actual on-air time is from 1 p.m. Central Saturday to 1 p.m. Central Sunday, a full 24 hours, with setup beforehand on Saturday and teardown afterwards on Sunday, both of which will be relatively minimal this year.

We will be having a restricted in-person Field Day this year at the Austin Chapter of the American Red Cross, 2218 Pershing Dr, Austin, TX 78723.

The Red Cross requires that we limit the number of attendees on site at any one time. As such, we are asking you to schedule when you will be there for Field Day.

In addition, in order to handle the date/time scheduling, we’ve had to split our Field Day into four different pieces:

If you don’t have a license yet, or are not comfortable Operating, please consider signing up  to help with Setup and Teardown. There’s a lot of fun to be had at Field Day outside of Operating, and it’s a great opportunity to meet your fellow Ham Club members and learn new things.

Also, if you sign-up for Operating Hours, please also consider signing-up to help with Setup and Teardown.

Lastly, once you schedule your time(s), please contact your Captain.

Upon arrival at the Red Cross on each day of Field Day, please check in with the Safety Officer first, and then your Captain upon arrival.

We have access to Building A (Radio Room), Building B (Classrooms A & B) and the parking lot. Our Emergency Communications (EMCOMM) trailer will be in the Red Cross parking lot.

We are under American Red Cross (ARC) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Covid-19 protocols, and AARL rules and guidelines.


If you are sick, or are feeling unwell, please stay home!


Masks must be worn at all times, except when not practical (e.g. speaking into a microphone).


A Social Distance of six (6) feet must be maintained, except when not practical (e.g. inside the EMCOMM trailer).


Clean surfaces after each use, using antiseptic wipes.


Use hand sanitizer liberally and frequently.


No Food or Beverages permitted while on site. Additionally, there will be no BBQ this year.

Three Captains

This year there will be three Captains controlling each of the three radios to be used.

• Michael Marks, KG5RXG, in the EMCOMM trailer for High Frequency (HF).  Contact: KG5RXG [[at]]

• Lew Thompson, W5IFQ, in Building A, for Continuous Wave (CW), i.e. Morse Code and HF.  Contact: W5IFQ [[at]]

• Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW, for HF and Digital, Building B, Classroom B.  Contact: N5MNW [[at]]

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