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Yaesu Fusion

AARC sponsors a Yaesu Fusion repeater operating in the 2M part of the band. The system is located in North Austin at the University of Texas Pickle Research Center near the intersection of Burnet Road and Braker Lane. 146.88 MHz with a -600 kHz offset for the input and a CTCSS tone of 107.2 (for analog users). This repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X operating in the Auto Mode Selection so it supports both analog FM and digital C4FM communications. This repeater is networked into the Wires-X system of Rooms and Nodes.

To use the repeater in the FM mode configure your radio using the information above to access the repeater. The coverage range is a nominal 30 miles in most directions from the repeater.

To use the digital features of this system put your radio in the “DN’ mode and configure the frequency and offset as shown above. Follow the Wires-X instructions for your radio to change Room or Node connections from the default ‘Texas Nexus’ room. This Room normally has 8 to 12 repeaters between San Antonio and North Texas connected to it at most times. Feel free to change to the Room of your choice if the system is not in use by other local digital users. The connect change you make will stay for 30 minutes and then revert to the ‘Texas Nexus’ Room.

Please use the following link to Yaesu Digital Products. Select your radio and download the Wires-X operating manual for instructions on how to get the most out of your new Fusion radio.

In times of emergency use please observe responsible Amateur Radio Operator protocol by listening first and not interfering with traffic supporting emergency communications.

Here is the slide deck (PDF format) for Yaesu Fusion/Wires-X as presented by Roy Walker at the February 2017 AARC meeting.

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