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Become A Ham!

Amateur Radio (ham radio) involves people of all ages and walks of life who gather together in clubs,  work events and provide community service. One thing in common is an enjoyment of communicating with others using ham radio equipment.

The ARRL, the National Association for Amateur Radio (formerly the American Radio Relay League, founded 1914) has more information about ham radio and how to get your license. This page provides a few links to those resources as well as local classes and exams (see below).

ARRL – What is Ham Radio?
ARRL – Getting Licensed
ARRL – Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area (not just Austin area)
ARRL – Exam Review for Ham Radio
W1UL – Ham Cram website (free site to practice for the exam)

Visit and search for Amateur Radio Lessons (or) Amateur Radio Exam Prep. A couple that looked promising when last visited were Dave Casler and Ham Radio Crash Course. However, since everyone has a different learning style, check out several of them and use the one you like best.

Disclaimer: Ham exam prep sites are listed here for your convenience. The AARC does not recommend or endorse any particular site and we encourage you to try several to find one that fits your study needs.

Amateur Radio License Preparation Classes

Looking for a class to help you prepare for the exam? We will post the details here when a local class is forming.

Click here for more information.

Amateur Radio License Exams

Local exams are held at two locations on two different weekends. Click here for more information.

Do you want to practice online before taking the exam? There are many online practice exams. Visit our Technical – Links page for a sample list of several we’ve seen.

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