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Field Day 2021 Results

Even though Field Day 2021 was somewhat attenuated this year, due to precautions made necessary by the pandemic, it was still a rousing success. A total of 36 members attended over the 30+ hours of Field Day, including Setup, Operating Hours & Teardown.

We deployed at our usual location, the grounds of the Austin Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Here’s the report from our very own Jeff Schmidt, N5MNW:

Field Day 2021 Rough Results


This is a rough idea on our scorecount for the Field Day weekend.

461 QSO’s, 1744 points with mode & power multipliers.

2194  points, including extra bonus points I think we had.

Please update me on those bonuses I’ve undoubtedly omitted.

I have heard from six folks who have assigned their Field Day scores to AARC, for a whopping 5220 total!

I’ll need to collect & confirm bonus points and re-calculate but we did pretty well!

MNW Jeff

Field Day 2021 Results

Station, ModeContactsMode MultiplierPower MultiplierTotal
Building A, FT811122444
Building A, SSB201240
Building B, CW300221200
Trailer, SSB301260
Total QSOs461W5KA points:1744
Results Submitted Via Web:50
Safety Officer100
ARRL Field Day Bulletin Received:100
Official Present:100
Education Provided:100
W5KA points, with bonus:2194
Other Station Assignments to W5KA
Jon-N5MHI, SSB3126
Lori-KM5MQ, SSB6012120
W5KA with assignments:5220

In addition, Roy Walker, WA5YZD, assembled this Field Day 2021 video:

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