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Membership Benefits

Dear fellow Ham,

You are invited and encouraged, if you have not done so, to join or renew your membership to the Austin Amateur Radio Club. Also, please join or renew your membership to the ARRL.

The Benefits of Membership

  1. Let’s have fun! – Amateur Radio is a hobby and should be fun! It is a social hobby. By participating in club events you will meet other hams that share your passion.
  2. Mentoring – Do you need help learning a new mode or just stuck on a project?
  3. Elmering – Are you ready to upgrade your license or have friend that want to get licensed?
  4. Access to the AARC Equipment Loaner program – AARC has radios and test equipment for members to borrow.
  5. Help with installations – The club is a great source of (expertise) opinions and elbow grease.
  6. Resources for Public Service (PS) projects – Are you a member of another service organization that needs people or communications support? AARC can likely help.
  7. Socializing - Remember that Ham radio is what geeks did before computers. Hi-Hi. There are many brilliant people in our community. AARC is a great way to meet and mingle with people that share the same hobby – HAM RADIO! (and computers)
  8. Education – There is a plethora of educational and instructional information available to ARRL members both in print and on their website.
  9. Information – The club disseminates information and promotes discussion of radio and technology via on-air, Yahoo! Groups, and our own mailing list.
  10. Legislation – Both the AARC and the ARRL are monitoring the actions of your legislators at the local, state, and federal level. We take action and call you to action when needed to protect our bandwidth and our hobby.
  11. Monthly newsletters.

The AARC and The ARRL are the Voice of Amateur Radio in Central Texas / Hill Country.

Together we can protect the airwaves, serve out community, and support the continuation of the hobby and technological ingenuity.

If you are involved in another Ham organization or SIG (Special Interest Group), please help us promote the benefits of membership and encourage your members to join both the AARC and the ARRL. – Thank You

We have several places on the web to meet:

Austin Amateur Radio Club website: (click on the “Join” button)

Yahoo! Group (need not be an AARC member to join)

and in person: The First Tuesday evening each month, 7:00 p.m.

Applied Research Lab, 10000 Burnet Rd, Austin.

Club Membership is $20/yr for an individual and $30 for a family (same address).

Note: If you're not an ARRL member and are considering it, AARC will apply $15 toward your AARC club dues if you sign up for first-time ARRL membership through the club! Take advantage of 2017 ARRL signup and join ARRL and AARC simultaneously!

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