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This will be our repository for Amateur Radio related technical info.

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Solar Weather 02-JUNE-2020 - presented by W5IFQ (Lew)

Field Day HF Antennas 2020 - presented by W5IFQ (Lew)

Solar Weather 05-MAY-2020 - presented by W5IFQ (Lew)

NCDXF Beacons 04-APR-2020 - presented by W5IFQ (Lew)

Solar Weather 07-APR-2020 - presented by W5IFQ (Lew)

Home Amateur Stations - presented by W5IFQ (Lew) 2020-01-07

New Ham Orientation - presented by N5MNW (Jeff) 2018-11-06

Austin Area Repeaters - presented by WA5YZD (Roy) 2020-02-04 / Download as:  Adobe PDF (~9.6MB) or MSPowerPoint (~25.4MB)

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