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The pandemic has made it difficult for both would-be Hams and Hams looking to upgrade their tickets to take the FCC amateur radio license exams.

During every monthly meeting we hear from new AARC members who do not yet have their call signs because they cannot take the license exams.

Furthermore, our scholarships require students to be licensed, and not being able to take the exam is blocking our ability to award scholarships to students who otherwise would be eligible.

The FCC requires three certified Volunteer Examiners (VEs) observe applicants taking the exam.  Some clubs are using video cameras for VEs to observe remotely.  Others are arranging in-person exams following social distancing and other protocols.

Any General, Advanced or Amateur Extra can become a Volunteer Examiner.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Examiner, you only have to follow the three steps on the ARRL website Become an ARRL VE.

1. Review the Volunteer Examiner Manual.

2. Complete and sign the VE application form.

3. Email a PDF or scanned JPEG image of the signed form to

I hope you will answer the call to help those seeking their ticket to take their exam.

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