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Mike, a seasoned technophile, obtained his amateur radio license in 1974 and has been enamored with technology ever since.

His journey into the world of technology began with his first “real” job at IBM, where he worked on an impressive Tube computer. This extraordinary machine, with a staggering 64,000 tubes, was situated 600ft underground in the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) during the height of the Cold War.

Throughout his career, Mike has explored various facets of amateur radio, including Repeaters, High Frequency (HF), HF Contesting, and Satellites, and currently, he is deeply engrossed in experimenting with Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) digital modes and 10Ghz microwave technology.

Additionally, he is an avid General Aviation (GA) Pilot, combining his passion for aviation with his love for HF station integration and remote HF operation.

Currently, Mike serves as a valuable member of the Marketing and Education team at FlexRadio Systems, representing the company renowned for its cutting-edge FlexRadio technology. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in FlexRadio technology, he plays a vital role in promoting and educating others about the advanced capabilities of FlexRadio products.

For Mike, technology is not just a profession but also a deeply ingrained hobby that continually fascinates and drives him forward. His commitment to exploring the frontiers of technology remains unwavering, as he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of amateur radio.

Synopsis of Mike’s Presentation

Join Mike (VA3MW) for an Engaging Presentation on the Advancements in HF Radios/

Ham radio operators are invited to an insightful presentation by Mike (VA3MW), where he will delve into the captivating world of High Frequency (HF) radios. Mike will demonstrate how today’s HF radios not only surpass their superhet predecessors but also provide an exceptional performance-to-cost ratio. Prepare to witness how these modern radios possess the remarkable ability to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing landscape of amateur radio, ensuring they remain cutting-edge long after purchase.

Key Points to Be Covered:

  • Unleashing Enhanced Performance: Discover how today’s HF radios outperform the traditional superhet radios of the past. Mike will showcase the advancements in receiver sensitivity, selectivity, and overall performance that have revolutionized the HF radio experience.
  • Value for Your Investment: Explore how modern HF radios offer remarkable value for your hard-earned dollars. Mike will highlight the expanded capabilities and future-proofing features that ensure your radio remains relevant and adaptable as technology progresses.
  • The Concept of Scalability: Gain insights into how HF radios have evolved to “scale” towards the future. Witness how these radios seamlessly accommodate advancements in digital modes, software-defined radio (SDR) technologies, and emerging amateur radio trends without rendering your equipment obsolete.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to unlock the potential of today’s HF radios and learn how to maximize their performance and long-term value.

Join us for an engaging presentation that will revolutionize your perspective on HF radio technology.

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