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1st Tuesday each month -- AARC General Meeting, 7:00pm-9:00pm. Location is usually Applied Research Lab, 10000 Burnet Road, Austin TX. Meetings are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Please check the Latest News for any changes to the meeting time or location.
AARC Officers Meeting - generally 1 hour before the general meeting (6:00pm). Contact an officer for details.

2nd Tuesday -- ARES Planning Committee Meeting. 7:00pm. Location: Seton NW Hospital, 3rd floor conference room

2nd Wednesday -- Digital Wednesday. HSMM/BroadBand Hamnet and ARES Packet setup lab. 7:00pm. Location: CATRAC Administrative Offices, 4100 Ed Bluestein Blvd (at Technicenter Dr), Austin TX 78721. Purpose: Hands-on training and help with all things digital/RF, including Packet, APRS, BroadBand Hamnet mesh, WinLink, etc. To set deviation on packet/APRS, please make prior arrangements with NG5V [[at]] -- Note: This is a secure facility. Talk-in is on 146.94 (107.2) to contact someone to let you in the door!

4th Tuesday -- TCARES General Meeting. 7:00pm. Location: Applied Research Lab, 10000 Burnet Road, Austin TX

Upcoming events

    • 03/18/2017
    • 06/29/2019
    • 120 sessions
    • Waterloo Icehouse, 8600 Burnet Road

    Join us for breakfast every Saturday @ 7:00am at Waterloo Icehouse, 8600 Burnet Rd, Austin TX 78757 (first light south of Hwy 183).

    • 03/26/2019
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Applied Research Labs, 10000 Burnet Road, Austin TX

    I cordially invite you to join us at our upcoming general meeting in which we will have the rare opportunity to host Paul English, Chief, Army MARS. Paul will be discussing the mission of MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System) and the importance of the 60-meter interoperability frequencies. Please forward this information to anyone that you feel will benefit from the topic.

    Tuesday, March 26th
    1900 local time

    Applied Research Labs
    10,000 Burnet Road
    Austin TX

    I sincerely hope to see you there!

    Michael D. Marks KG5RXG
    Emergency Coordinator - Travis County ARES
    Mobile: +1 512-739-1620

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